1,500,000,000 clicks per month

Up to 25% of all Russian traffic - Only through us!

Who we are

MOBICRON is Israeli IT company with a large experience of working with Russian Internet traffic.
We will send your traffic to Russia, to only an effective sites, strictly for your target audience. We own more than 180 sites with summary traffic around 1,500,000,000 clicks per month.


These days the Internet is the premier advertising venue for international businesses, and with mobile technology on the rise, comprehensive marketing strategies must integrate mobile accessibility. Enter MOBICRON, where we specialize in bringing you effective campaigns for steady growth.


We make the business-side of things easy by allowing you to focus on what you do best: making your product. We give you transparency on campaign performance, a user-friendly interface, and we partner with mobile carriers worldwide, which allows us to ensure safe and easy billing.


We are so confident in our tools that we offer you real-time access to your campaign at all times, so that you can see your advertising at work. We offer a selection of advertising content types, ranging from full-screen interstitial ads that splice between a user’s activity on a given platform, to social media specific content, ensuring you have the right match between your needs and your audience.


We can deliver high-quality advertising campaigns for all of your mobile needs. We can promise real traffic and revenue increases with our exclusive technology, our worldwide network, and our incredible team. MOBICRON is here for all of your mobile advertising content and delivery needs.

How We Work

Today’s mobile users are all about speed, and our targeted technology takes advantage of that by ensuring your content only gets delivered to users who will be interested in it. Our extensive network of relationships with media partners allows us to ensure you the maximum number of impressions per month, with billions of around the world impressions currently being monetized. We are specialists at managing and distributing content for worldwide partners, and serve goals ranging from direct-to-consumer to business-to-business. Our partners are dedicated to providing you the right impressions across mobile, email, social media and a range of other platforms, optimized for your needs. As media specialists, we love working with mobile content for videos, games, apps, and more. We’re always looking for new partnerships, both with product producers and traffic sources.


St. Tishrey 9, Netania, Israel
+972 52-3671465